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When it comes to planning date nights, it can become so easy to fall into a routine of the same old. Dinner and drinks? Expensive. Bowling? You did that last month. That isn’t to say these aren’t enjoyable but after a few, those dates can blur into one. When planning date night, I like to look for fresh, fun alternative activities which won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

If you are looking for some alternative date ideas – check out my fun alternative date ideas below!

Go Axe throwing

Give date night an exciting edge by giving axe throwing a try!

Last year, on a bit of a whim, Jack and I tried our hand at axe throwing. Both extremely competitive by nature, we really enjoyed axe throwing and the competitive element of it. Being the winner, I, of course, enjoyed it slightly more. 

If you enjoy bowling or mini-golf and are looking for a more thrilling experience then give axe throwing a try on your next date. Warning: maybe not a date you want to try if either of you is a sore loser considering you will have a sharp blade in hand! No need to end the night with a trip to A&E…

Read about my axe throwing experience to learn more.

Visit a Comedy club

Now, who doesn’t love a laugh? Hit up a comedy club and see some local comedians or maybe one of the bigger names. An inexpensive and memorable night for two. We previously went to see Frankie Boyle at a very intimate venue as he tested out material for his upcoming tour. It’s safe to say I was sweating bullets as I was close enough to see the whites of his eyes and I didn’t think I could withstand an infamous Frankie Boyle roasting.

I personally recommend The Stand Comedy Club, which has venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle. As a smaller venue, the Stand will host emerging artists to household names and in an intimate setting which allows for a lot of audience interaction and makes for a really fun evening. 

the-stand-glasgow alternative date night ideas comedy club

Go to a Food Festival

Glasgow has an absolutely amazing food scene and in recent years has become the home to multiple food festivals. Food festivals are a fantastic alternative to going for dinner – it’s an opportunity to sample an array of different cuisines, grab some drinks and listen to some live music.

Take a Masterclass

Take time together to learn a new skill. This could be a language class or maybe a pottery class (think Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore).

Last year, Jack and I went to a pakora making masterclass and had a lot of fun. Now, I can’t imagine Jack ever wanting to take a pottery class and re-enacting THAT scene from Ghost but as a couple that often consumes their own weight in gyozas, I think a Japanese cooking class is something we both would enjoy.

Ultimately, date night doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant to be a good time as long as you’re together doing something you both enjoy then good times are guaranteed.


If a quiet night in is something you desire, read my list of my Favourite Romantic Films.

Until next time,

Ashleigh x

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  1. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see axe throwing on this list but I’d love to try something like that. I love visiting food festivals but there aren’t that many near me, especially in the winter months but there are a few I look forward to every summer. I love gifting masterclass experiences for birthdays etc so I think they’d make a great date experience to share too, definitely more interesting than just grabbing dinner too! x


    1. If you’re ever up in Glasgow, there are 3 good food festivals that run year round! And I’m sure there are two which always have good vegan options! x

  2. Great suggestions to try something new! I did axe throwing with my (grown) children and it was so much fun… except that somehow they were all naturals and I sucked. I still had fun though. Date night is important and if you can keep it fun and exciting, even better!

      1. The guy tried to offer me “private lessons”. I said, I’m probably never going to do this again. It was a one time thing. He genuinely looked hurt. 🤣

  3. These are fab ideas! My boyfriend and I don’t really do date nights but we want to go out for more meals together. But that’s so bog-standard haha! I might look into booking us something weird and wacky to do instead! xxx

  4. I love these ideas! Since having our son we aren’t able to go out as much and it usually is just a meal if we are having a date night. I’ll definitely be suggesting some of these!

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