Purly Prince Knitting Pattern

Purly Prince Knit Pattern - The Ashmosphere

For Christmas this year, I have decided to make a lot of my gifts. Not only in an effort to save a little bit of money but I firmly believe that to take the time and effort to make something for someone really shows you care. 

One of the easiest things to make yet always looks so impressive is a scarf and over the years this has become one of my go-to gift ideas

Purly Prince Knit Pattern - The Ashmosphere

Knitting is a skill my mum taught me at a young age. Something I really enjoyed which we could do together and have something to show for it at the end of it. I loved making scarves in funky colours and wools and having the opportunity to say nonchalantly “Oh this? I made it.”

It’s a hobby that I would pick up and drop throughout school and uni, never really developing on it much further. It wasn’t until after I left uni and found myself with an abundance of free time that I really picked it back up again and decided to develop my skills. Flash forward to now and my home is overflowing with spools of wool and half-finished projects.

In a world revolving around smartphones and social media, I like that knitting is a hobby that keeps my hands from reaching for my phone. A true way to de-stress and stop the scrolling.

Purly Prince Knit Pattern - The Ashmosphere

The Purly Prince Knit pattern is a favourite of mine when it comes to creating gifts for the men in my life. Slightly more on the masculine side, this pattern makes a really stylish dressy men’s scarf. Not that it can’t be worn by anyone! 

What you’ll need

  • 2 Balls of DW Light Worsted Wool • 4.5mm Straight Needles Stitch Counter (optional)


Cast on 32 stitches (or an even amount of stitches for your desired width). 

Row 1: P2, K2 repeat full row

Row 2: P1 *K1, P3* repeat until last 3 stitches, K1 P2

Row 3: K1 *P2, K2* repeat until last 3 stitches, P2, K1

Row 4: K1, P1 repeat full row.

Repeat pattern until you reach the desired length.

Cast off and sew in the tail.

Purly Prince Knit Pattern - The Ashmosphere

This pattern is really simple and yet so impressive. A gift that anyone would be pleased to receive!

Not just for old ladies, knitting is a hobby I would love for more young people to take up in 2020 and beyond. Not only does it stop you from reaching for your phone but it’s a fantastic way to de-stress. Not to mention you have something to show from it at the end.

Do you knit or is it something you’ve wanted to learn? What are your favourite hobbies that help you de-stress? Let me know!

Until next time,

Ashleigh x

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  1. This scarf is so beautifully made! I’d love to learn how to knit, my nan knitted a lot when I was little but I never managed to pick it up. Maybe something to learn in 2020!

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