Rise – In Pursuit of Empowerment, A Review

Rise: In Pursuit of Empowerment Book Cover

I was recently given the chance to read Rise – In Pursuit of Empowerment by Sabine Matharu as part of the Book Tour with Book Lure Promotions.   

Sabine Matharu, a passionate business start-up and growth strategist, specialises in helping women find their purpose and monetise their unique skills so that they
can build a thriving business. ‘Rise’ was curated by Matharu to include stories from 25 inspirational entrepreneurial women who have all gained success in their respective fields despite facing an array of traumatic experiences, mindset and domestic battles.

Sabine Matharu - Author
Author – Sabine Matharu

Through the personal and inspirational stories of 25 women – we learn that obstacles can become opportunities and how to rise above adversity to create something for ourselves.

RISE – In Pursuit of Empowerment,  the first in a series of 4 books, aims to teach you:- How to tap into your intuition and inner strength to overcome stress, grief and trauma – How to take the challenges you have and turn them into opportunities – How to rise above the noise and come out victorious – Why your inner woman is a force to be reckoned with and – How to overcome substantial obstacles to live a more fulfilling and well balanced life.

Rise: In Pursuit of Empowerment Book Cover

Whilst not stereotypically a book that would interest me, I really appreciated each woman’s individual story.

With 25 differing stories from different women from varying walks of life, there is a story to resonate with everyone. One story that particularly stuck with me was that of Nadine Barrett. Barratt as an introverted but perceptive child was exposed to racism and hatred which she learned from to become a coach, author and public speaker.

Despite enjoying reading each woman’s story, I just wish that each account was more detailed. ‘Rise’ only scratched the surface on these ladies’ incredible stories. If you enjoy motivational stories of self-discovery and positive life affirmations then Rise: In Persuit of Empowerment is a book you will enjoy.

Rise: In Pursuit of Empowerment is available to read now.



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