Knitting with Paintbox Yarns Simply DK – A Product Review

(This post contains gifted items but all thoughts are my own).

For a long time now, LoveCrafts has been my go-to website, alongside Pinterest, to find new patterns to try and knitting inspiration. I find the pattern library really useful to save any and all project ideas and the How-To section is helpful for anything I may be unsure about. Pattern Library

Recently I had the opportunity to try out some of the yarns from LoveCrafts and my gosh, what a selection to choose from! 

With an idea for a project and the desired colour palette in mind, I looked across the LoveCrafts website looking for something suitable when I came across Paintbox Yarns. Paintbox Yarns, available exclusively from LoveCrafts, offer a multitude of various yarn types in a kaleidoscope of colours. What initially drew my eye to this brand was the impressive shade range.

Unless I have a project in mind which requires a specific type of wool, I often like to use DK yarn.  DK (double knit) yarn is so versatile, suitable for various projects and is easy to knit with.


The Paintbox Simply DK yarn is 100% acrylic and currently available in a fantastic range with 49 shades to choose from. I knew I was looking for pretty pastel shades for my next project and there certainly was a lot to choose from. The ‘Compare’ function was helpful as it allowed me to see a side by side of my selected colours and made the selection process less overwhelming. In the end, I chose Banana Cream (120), Seafoam Blue (131), CandyFloss Pink (149) and Bubblegum Pink (150). Each yarn ball is 100g and is priced at £2.25 per ball. Unsure yet of the yarn requirements for my project I ordered two balls of each, just to be on the safe side.

Acrylic yarn can often split opinion as some people can not stand to touch the stuff but personally, this has never been an issue for me – however, I was surprised at just quite how soft this yarn was. Immediate thoughts as I unpackaged the wool was how pleased I was with the purchase. Soft, true to colour and with a yarn length of 276m, it is fantastic value for money.


When it came to knitting with the Paintbox Simply DK yarns, I was so so impressed! The yarn was easy to knit, no issues with tight stitches or dodgy tension and overall just a delight to work with. 

Using the Paintbox Simply DK yarns, I knitted a selection of baby hats and cardigans and I was so pleased with how they turned out. The colours look gorgeous together and the garments are so soft and cosy. Perfect for the newest additions of any family. Click the link to see my Battenberg Baby newborn hat knitting pattern!

I can’t say I have any negative opinions on the Paintbox yarns, I really enjoyed working with them and I am excited to try some of their other products available.


After such a glowing review, I don’t think it should come as a surprise that I would definitely recommend the Paintbox Simply DK yarns to anyone looking for some DK yarn for their next project.  And I myself can’t wait to order some more.

Until next time,

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