Lush ‘The Greeench’ Powder Deodorant – Review

You’re a mean one, Mr. Greeench. Lush Cosmetics thought they were being clever naming this green powder after our favourite fuzzy green Who but little did they know, it would be a little on the.. ehh nose.

In a conscious effort to be more eco-friendly, I’ve been researching environmental alternatives to everyday hygiene and beauty products. One of the first products being aerosol deodorants. My two options were to switch to either deodorant bar/balm or deodorant powder. Not confident in my ability to create my own, I searched the high street looking for an eco-friendly deodorant alternative. As many people do when looking for vegan or eco-friendlier beauty options, I ran into the arms of Lush. Lush had a somewhat impressive range of deodorant alternatives, including a couple of powder deodorant. 


Lush The Greeench Powder Deodorant

Out of the options available, I purchased The Greeench, ‘a mean green powder that steals smells away’. Thyme, tea tree, rosemary, and sage are listed as some of the ingredients which will take away any odors and kill bacteria. Another ingredient of note is the lycopodium powder which is meant to absorb any sweat.

The Greeench has a scent that can only be described as medicinal. Not unpleasant but not exactly great either. The consistency is similar to talc which is expected for a powder deodorant. My first impression was so-so, I was very hesitant before using this product, not fully confident that it would actually work.

Lush The Greeench Powder Deodorant

As a Marketing Executive with no gym membership, I can’t say I live an incredibly active lifestyle. My daily commute includes a twenty-minute walk and the occasional run to make my train but by no means would I describe it as a strenuous workout. So why when using this powder deodorant, would I find myself in work soaked through my shirt, panicking about the potential stink cloud threatening to envelop me? TMI? 

Once in use, the medicinal smell was no longer an issue, it can only be described as vile. Using this product made me feel panicked and self-conscious. I work in a small office and have to stand on my very busy morning train, could people smell the horrible stale deodorant smell? I definitely found myself reaching for my perfume a little more in an effort to over-compensate.  

I just really did not like this deodorant. It just didn’t work! I used it for over a week just in case the issue was the fact that my body wasn’t acclimatised to the product but nope, I continued to be a sweaty mess for the duration. I wouldn’t say I’m even an overly sweaty person by nature but this product just did not work. Overall, Doctor Seuss said it best when he said – ‘The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote: “Stink” “Stank” “Stunk!”’

Lush The Greeench Powder Deodorant

At this point, I am not entirely convinced that The Greeench is not Lush’s idea of a practical joke. An odd-looking green powder with a questionable smell, less of a who and “more of a… what”. The true embodiment of the Grinch.


What are your thoughts on environmentally friendly deodorants? Are there any products you swear by? Please PLEASE let me know!!

Until next time,

Ashleigh x


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  1. I think Lush has got quite expensive so for the prices I’d expect the products to work and at least smell good, what a disappointment!

  2. I’m looking at natural deodorant but I don’t think I will do with powder ones haha, Shame this didn’t work! x

  3. so disappointing – I’m looking for a more natural deodorant but I’ll steer clear of this one x

  4. Oh that is disappointing, I was hoping to hear it was great. I am currently using Lush Aromaco and it has a pleasant scent, and keeps me dry enough, but it is currently winter here, so will have to check back in Summer!

    1. I think a bar like Aromaco will be more suitable for me. Scotland has very mild summers, I wouldn’t want to experiment with new deodorants in a hotter climate haha!

    1. They have a few deodorant alternatives including a few powders and a couple of bars of deodorant. I’m hesitant to try another powder but it could be a case if that one just wasn’t right for me. X

  5. Such a shame that you didn’t love this! To be honest I only ever use roll-ons, I normally love Lush products but some of their things just don’t work for me!

    1. I feel roll ons are the only ones that I can trust will work majority of the time. I’d happily stick with them if the packaging became more eco-friendly!

  6. such a shame that it doesn’t work for you – I was open to the idea of this at first but after reading this I think I’d swerve it!

  7. When I saw ‘powder deodorant’ I was very intrigued as to how this product would work… I’m not entirely surprised to see it didn’t! What a shame for you though – fair play to you for sticking it out for a week! I love how amazingly honest your review is too – it made me laugh.

    Char ✈ x

    1. It’s something you really don’t want not working! Hopefully we’ll start seeing some cruelty free, eco-friendly brands come through with some great alternative products! X

  8. I’ve never tried a powder deodrant before – and I’m now pretty certain that I won’t after reading this. It’s such a shame that this didn’t work out for you, I normally hear really good things about Lush products. Hopefully you’ll find something that does work.

    1. I don’t know if it was just this product or the product type itself that may be the issue. I think I’ll try the bars to see if they are more fit for purpose.

  9. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like this! Tbh, I’ve never heard of powder deodorant before.. I’d like to be more eco-friendly with my deodorant but I think I’d have to opt for a bar instead! x

  10. Oh what a shame! I love Lush products usually & I’m definitely looking for a natural deodorant at the moment. This definitely sounds like a pass though.. I can’t believe they couldn’t at least make it smell nice. Xx

    1. It had a very clinical tea tree scent as a powder but when you applied it and began to perspire, it smelt like stale sweat almost immediately. I like my deodorants to have a clean, fresh scent. All the other stuff usually smells so good so I was definitely disappointed!

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