The Ashmosphere 2019 Reading Challenge

So I’m starting my first post of 2019 in February… I’m quite late to the party but after a bout of flu and an unusually manic January, I feel like I’m only now catching my breath. This year I’ve been trying to set attainable goals – from meal planning, saving and reading more. To help with the later, I set myself a reading challenge with 20 book themes to prompt me to read more.

The Ashmosphere 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt

For my Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge, I set myself the challenge of reading 30 books – which may not be a lot to many but it is ten more than I read last year! By setting myself a prompt, it has encouraged me to put down my phone and read more, especially when the topics are something I consider to be interesting. 

I have created a prompt for myself with what I consider to be a wide array of themes to keep my reading list exciting throughout the year. And I look forward to ticking them all off throughout the year.

If you are looking for a little motivation in 2019 to step up your reading game, I would love for you to join me in taking part in my reading challenge!

I hope a few of you take me up on my offer and that we can discuss our book choices when December comes around!

What are your resolutions for the year ahead? Will you be reading more? Let me know!

Ashleigh x

The Ashmosphere 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt

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