My Favourite Nail Salon in Glasgow – Naf Salon

When I first moved to Glasgow, my knowledge of the area didn’t extend past the city centre and word of mouth doesn’t mean much when you don’t know anyone. I had been going to the same nail technician as my mum ever since she got me to stop biting my nails and as a creature of habit, I feared going out and finding somewhere new.

I found that as a student, places that would be recommended to me were places that would pop up under bridges and on street corners only to vanish as mysteriously as they arrived. Often branded in relation to our nation’s bizarre affinity for American culture and occasionally would serve as half salon/half phone repair shop. The sort of places where you can get a full set of acrylics for £15, basic hygiene takes a back set and your staph infection comes free.

Finally in 2016, a few days before going on holiday I bit the bullet and booked myself in for a gel nail appointment at a salon in the city centre and they were horrific. I had been in the door after my appointment no more than 20 minutes when a Glasgow Live story appeared on my Facebook timeline, “5 nail salons in Glasgow you need to know about” Great timing, really. That’s how I discovered NAF (Nails and Face) Salon, and I’ve been going after since.

The girls at NAF are so incredibly talented at what they do and so lovely, that it is a genuine treat to go get my nails done by them. Whether I have a clear vision in my head or handing over full creative control, I am in love with the results regardless!

Personally, I prefer gel nails over acrylic and the girls really can work magic on my natural nails. Here are some of my favourite designs I’ve had over the last couple of years!

Mint Glitter Ombre Nails by NAF Salon, Glasgow
Minty Fresh at Mary’s Milk Bar, Edinburgh. This countertop is made from recycled bottle caps and too cute to resist a photo op!
Pastel Chevron French Nails by Naf Salon, Glasgow
Pretty Pastels
Orange French Nail Polish Covered in Mermaid Dust by Naf Salon, Glasgow
Strawberry Blonde… (not ginger)
Harry Potter Slytherin Nail Inspiration/Design by Naf Salon, Glasgow
Slytherin Pride
Black and White Alternating polka dot French nails by Naf Salon, Glasgow
Parisian Chic


Silver Glitter Chevron Nails holding glacial ice from Icelandic ice cave. Nails by Naf Salon, Glasgow.
Icy Chevron tips holding a piece of glacial ice from the White Walker Ice Cave, Skaftafell, Iceland

With over 70K Instagram followers, NAF Salon isn’t a well-kept secret and I am never as organised with my life as I am when scheduling my nail appointments! Saying that, it has gotten easier to get an appointment since NAF opened their concession at Topshop on Argyle Street earlier this year.

I never feel as on top as my shit as when I have my nails done and NAF provides the goods every time!

Make sure to check out their website and their Instagram! And you can visit NAF Salon at  211 West George Street or NAF Topshop at Topshop Argyle Street.

Until next time.

A x


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